Designated as a Sales Tax Exemption Store (Designated Store) for Foreign Diplomatic Missions, etc.

Consumption Tax Exemption Stores for Foreign Diplomatic Missions, etc.

As of September 1, 2023, Nichibei Conversation Institute Japanese Language Institute has been designated as a “Designated Store” (consumption tax exempt for foreign diplomatic establishments). Customers who are eligible for consumption tax exemption for foreign diplomatic establishments are those who have an “Embassy Tax Exemption Card” or “Diplomat Tax Exemption Card” issued by the Minister’s Secretariat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Below are the documents required for consumption tax exemption.

Documents required for consumption tax exemption procedures

Embassy duty free card or Diplomat duty free card (with photo)
Identification card for diplomats (proof)
Tax Free Purchase List
*Each “duty free card” specifies the scope of duty exemption and the minimum purchase amount.
Please prepare the above documents. We look forward to seeing you at the seminar.

Nichibei Kaiwa Gakuin Japanese Language Institute



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