50% off tuition for part-time program with multiple enrollments !

We are pleased to announce a new special multiple discount for students who register for more than one program: a 50% discount off the regular tuition for the Evening/ Saturday Program!
You can also combine this discount with other programs (the Daytime Intensive Program or Private Lessons).

For more information about the Evening/ Saturday Program, please click here.

Eligible person

1. Who have applied for two or more programs, including Evening/ Saturday Program programs, during the same semester
2. Students who have paid more than 30,000 yen for the first program.
*Discounts may not be applied to all programs. Please contact us for details.


50% discount on tuition for Evening/ Saturday Program.
*If you enroll in more than one Evening/ Saturday Program, you will receive a 50% discount on the lower tuition rate.
This discount cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.

Examples of Multiple Program Combinations

1. Daily conversation on weekday evenings and business conversation on Saturday mornings to step up at once
You can learn a wide range of both daily conversation and business conversation.

Evening/ Saturday Program + Evening/ Saturday Program
  e.g.) Tuesday/Thursday evenings: Useful for daily life “Conversation in Japanese” (Intermediate) & Saturdays: Intermediate Business Conversation A

2. Conversation classes and JLPT preparation course to prepare for the exam and learn practical conversation at the same time
This is a combination that many students have taken before.

Evening/ Saturday Program + Evening/ Saturday Program
  Example: Saturday JLPT N2 & Wednesday Intermediate Business Conversation A

3. In addition to intensive lessons five days a week in the morning on weekdays, conversation classes twice a week on weekday evenings will give you a boost.
Daytime Intensive Program + Evening/ Saturday Program
  e.g.) Weekday mornings: Intensive Program & Tuesdays & Thursdays: “Japanese Conversation” to enhance outgoing communication skills (Intermediate level)

4. 2 private lessons per week for business conversation and Saturday morning online for daily conversation study.
Private Lesson + Evening/ Saturday Program
  e.g.) Twice a week Private Lesson (Business Conversation) & Saturday “Conversation in Japanese for Daily Life” (Intermediate to Advanced level) Online

Course Counseling (Free Counseling)

The combination of programs depends on your goals. Please feel free to contact us. We will propose an appropriate combination of programs through consultation.

Click here for course consultation and inquiries.



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